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Will the War Between Us Disappear?

Updated: Aug 29

Is there a possibility that the war between us will disappear? Electing genuine moderate leaders into office can make it possible, I believe.

I watched the last debate with great earnestness. I hope and pray that someone with a reasonable viewpoint will rise to the occasion. My heart holds hope. I have a lot of respect for Chris Christie because he's forthright and says it like it is. He was not at his best that night. I am familiar with this man. While I was living in NJ and caring for an elderly family member, he served as my governor and I was a teacher. While I initially disagreed with his actions towards the teachers' union, I now acknowledge the validity of his perspective. Nikki Haley was the only other person who caught my attention. Her approach was honest and grounded in common sense. I believed she understands foreign policy. Her approach to abortion is fair-minded, and she stood her ground on the stage despite intimidation from others. However, when it was time to put the pedal to the metal, she caved. She expressed support for Trump if he became the nominee.

Christie is correct. Regardless of guilt, Donald Trump does not possess the required leadership skills for the Presidential Office.

I feel lost at sea on a rudderless boat as an independent. I can’t vote in primaries. Yet I still watch and wait for the candidate who truly displays leadership qualities to emerge. I am truly looking for leadership to rise. As cream invariably does.

All evening, they were spewing nonsense. It was tough to find trust in anyone. One had to delve deep into the BS being flung around like it was the normal thing to do.

In order to push through the weeds, I observe their body language. I rely on nonverbal cues to help me discern. If the way they communicate shows any behavior that I classify as negative, then I know they are ruled by fear, which leads to anger. If their behavior displays this division, then I understand what they truly think and believe.

Many of our elected officials who fashion themselves as leaders operate from this place in life. But not all. Sometimes a genuine believer in serving the people emerges. I can tell by the way they carry themselves.

It’s genuinely tricky to ferret out the truth from them. Their speeches written by others beforehand are rehearsed. They also repeatedly train on the body's position. They pose as if doing a PR photo shoot. Yet, facing the electorate can bring about a realization of reality, causing an individual to show their true self. At least a sliver of it. It requires intense observation. When I see it, I know it.

There are characteristics I look for in an individual that to me exudes an individual’s intentions. Confidence is the foremost quality I seek. Unfortunately, many during the debate would pass this test. But is it real confidence or the bravado and an over inflated ego taking center stage taken from Trump’s playbook?

Tim Scott did not display confidence. The way he stood and spoke made me notice his vulnerability. Christie, who has praiseworthy attributes, leaned in instead of standing tall with arms wide, shoulders high, and legs straight. Ramaswamy did. Right from the playbook word for word. Despite that, he kept negating it with his finger pointing. It becomes apparent to me that they all seemed rehearsed in doing so.

Once again I have to rely on body language. I look for the hand movements that indicate their emotional involvement in what they're saying. Audiences respond well to increased hand movements. But if an individual holds their hands down or clasps them in front, be cautious of hidden motives. I’ve seen this in Kevin McCarthy. These body movements are often rehearsed, yet, wait for it, as the authentic self emerges in the heat of the moment.

Observing is essential to uncovering the truth. Taking this course of action is the way to go. Be patient and vigilant. Does the candidate have a genuine, affable, and welcoming facial expression? Or are they speaking in a stiff, head-bobbing way? A very controlled position like DeSantis? So controlled he was ready to crack under the pressure. His facial mannerisms do not or ever have conveyed confidence.

I urge you to look for the genuine smile. The one who has the potential to unite us might be the individual wearing that smile. And with our support, I truly believe can heal the divide between us.

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