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The Theory of the Sword and the Shield

In the Sword and the Shield Theory, the killer instinct plays a role. Good intentions alone do not enable leaders to succeed without it. That person has to possess the determination and perseverance to complete the job. The ability to complete the task swiftly and efficiently is what defines the killer instinct. The Sword and the Shield Theory finds its roots here. It's something every great man and villain possesses. If we hope to correct our timid nature, turning away from the dark side of reality can benefit mankind. The topic can't be avoided if our enemies are victimizing us with a killer instinct.

Leadership must be ruthless in order to be compassionate. It's important for that person to always exercise compassion, but show wisdom by expressing it with restraint and detachment. As the great military strategist Sun Tzu said, “Know yourself, know your enemy, one hundred battles, one hundred victories.”

Netanyahu, keep going! Biden, please step back. Your killer instinct is missing.


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