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The Case of Apples and Oranges

It is said that it is fruitless to compare two totally dissimilar things like apples and oranges.

The comparison between apples and oranges is commonly seen as a divisive matter due to their incomparability. We must ask, can they really not be compared?

Both apples and oranges are tree fruits and can be eaten. Additionally, studies indicate that they are one of the most popular fruits eaten in the US, reflecting people's preferences. The similarity in size between the two fruits may contribute to their widespread consumption.

Let's continue moving forward. The fruit's color has a noticeable difference. Despite being round, the shape differs. Oranges are nearly perfectly spherical. The apple has a stem and is somewhat heart-shaped. Additionally, there is a difference in skins; one edible, the other not. Fourth, the taste is considerably different. Finally, the climate differs for each fruit's growth.

To sum up, apples and oranges are two of the most popular fruits consumed in the United States. Although they have similarities, their distinct differences make them unquestionably unique. It's no surprise that the aphorism about apples and oranges exists. To me, oranges embody summer while apples evoke autumn. Isn’t it fascinating to hear people’s preferences and their reasons? Above all, we should respect those preferences instead of trying to prove each other wrong.

I prefer a tree-ripened peach.


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