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Tenants in Common: Trump and Santos

Republicans Donald Trump and George Santos share something in common. What is it? Multiple charges have been filed against them both for misleading the electorate. The real question isn't what they supposedly did? How did they manage to win the election in the first place?

MEGA republicans are all around me in my life. It's a mystery how that happened because I am not one of them, nor do I share any similarities with them. Nonetheless, I have a deep affection for these individuals, who come from various places and walks of life, thus I listen with an open heart. Not so much mind. Mine is completely made up about the issue.

This is why I can't support their movement. I have reason to believe it's a cult. Based on my knowledge, I believe watching Fox News induces hypnotic beliefs. This is not a conspiracy, it is a fact.

When I suggest that Trump isn't fit to lead the country to greatness, they all respond in the same way. “While I might agree with your assessment of his character”, they say, “I support his policies.” As I register this repetitive and incredulous response, I can't help but wonder who brainwashed them to believe it. I'm afraid to cause conflict and start a war among my own people. This leads me to another valid reason: this faction causes division. They do nothing to bridge the gap despite having legitimate concerns about status quo governance, which only creates more division.

I have evidence to support my belief that FOX News is hypnotizing their viewers through repetitive slogans. According to a witness of the Roy Masters cult, Hannity and Ingram were closely associated with the group for several years. The witness, who will remain anonymous, lived on the ranch and was accepted by the family despite not being indoctrinated. As a result, this person had access to confidential discussions.

In an interview with a National Media Outlet, Roy Masters bragged that he could hypnotize almost anyone and claimed his hypnotic abilities were superior to those of Adolf Hitler. Ingram and Hannity became involved with Fox News through their connection with Mark Masters, who founded FOX radio.

I believe that any of us watching national media outlets can become susceptible to being hypnotized into believing the spin. For that reason, each faction truly believes their position. This creates more division. To avoid nominating candidates like Santos or Trump, we should have an outlet conduct an unbiased investigation into their character, voting history, and past statements. This way, the public can make an informed decision on whom to support. A source that is not hypnotic. A source committed to truth, not ratings. That's my belief.

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