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Marriage Means Ownership

“I pledge my daughter to produce legitimate offspring.”

The father spoke those words as he gave his daughter to the man. The main purpose was to make women the property of men by binding them together.

The word "marriage" has not undergone any changes in its usage or legal documentation since it originated over 3000 years ago. In 1563, this was established as canon law at the Council of Trent. The man obtained a certificate of marriage which proved that the Catholic Church had approved the woman to bear legitimate heirs for him.

Despite the evolution of marriage over the past 50 years, it's currently being debated in certain political circles in 2023. Why should we tolerate the idea of bringing back a social construct from 40 years ago, where men have complete control over their wives? A construct that confined women to domestic roles. Prostitutes and mistresses have historically been deemed acceptable outlets for men's sexual desires; and most likely still be.

Does it matter? I have said "till death do us part" in sickness and health twice. My next commitment will be a lifelong one that involves trust and respect for each other. Love will not be a factor. What is love anyway? Love wasn't a thing until the Middle Ages, but it really took off in the 13th century with French influence.

Despite living in a more progressive society, I still have reservations about the legal and linguistic aspects of marriage. The power of words cannot be ignored. They possess their own energy. The word marriage has an influence on the union. We still witness the restrictions set upon each other in the present framework.

Why not redefine the social construct to represent a genuine bond built on mutual trust and respect? Choose a binding contractual partnership instead of getting a legal marriage certificate. Marriage is not even mentioned. The days of proposing on bended knee with a ring are over.

Those who are enlightened are moving forward towards a bright and prosperous future, while the crazies try to move us back. The here and now is where we experience change. What are your thoughts?


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