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Is Ramaswamy another Autocrat in the making?

My thoughts on Vivek Ramaswamy, which I usually save for last, have been suggested to me to be put at the forefront. And now, here it is. In my view, he is just another person with autocratic tendencies. Thus, he will pardon Trump, back his policies, and work on attracting the MAGA voters. His platform is reminiscent of Trump's playbook- prioritizing self-serving interests. Candidates who lack empathy and prioritize winning at any cost are becoming more common. Congress and the Supreme Court are mainly motivated by personal financial gain. Legislation was attempted by Abigail Spamberger to restrict insider trading. However, Pelosi put an end to it. Both the Republican and Democratic party have been affected by this.

The people are disillusioned, and we wonder why? This is it.

Autocracy is not leadership, as we all know. Their rhetoric is meant to deceive you.

How can we differentiate between what's genuine and what's fabricated? Nonverbal communication! Watching Vivek Ramaswamy didn’t sit right with me. I'm attentive when my instincts are triggered. His manner of speaking was more important than the content of his words. He is too intelligent to make mistakes in his speech. However, the body language reveals it.

The way he points his fingers at us during interviews or stumps is noticeable.

According to my research, this is what the gesture of pointing means. It is a negative universal action as if the person is throwing spears. This behavior puts the reflection and responsibility on the listener. The individual receiving the information may feel defensive. I did. As a teacher in the projects of Atlantic City NJ, my method of scolding students was using my finger. It's an authoritative gesture that people use to impose themselves. During the summers we spent together in the big house, my aunt, who was also a teacher, used it to keep all the youngsters under control.

But let's get back to the finger pointing, which is often accompanied by a loud voice, enthusiastic gestures, and a leaning inward or encroaching posture. Just observe him and it becomes clear. It's a manner of speaking that's commonly perceived as hostile and angry. It serves as a spear to him. He waves it around to emphasize his point. "My spear is now sharpened," he says to us. “My spear is extended and ready to thrust.”

The antithesis of leading. My task during this debate is to observe and give feedback. The ideal body to look for should be open, with shoulders raised high and standing tall. It creates a powerful impression and projects a strong personality that people will trust and follow. The best leader motivates others to achieve their highest potential. Leaders don't attempt to take control over them.

By the way, some of you may have noticed me using my compass to distinguish positive behavior above the line from fear-based behavior below the line.

I have a road map that could reveal the man's true thoughts and you might find it interesting. Pointing fingers is a behavior that shows fear and lack of productivity, so we can determine that ourselves. There's no need for me to lecture you or tell you my truth. Discovering your truth is something I can show you how to do.


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